20 November 2019

Disability Thematic Network and Gender Equality Network Joint Meeting

The EFC’s Disability Thematic Network and Gender Equality Network will host a joint meeting on 20 November in Philanthropy House, Brussels, providing the opportunity for members of both networks to come together, share and learn on crosscutting issues of common interest and joint action.

The joint meeting will take a deep dive into issues of gender and disability inclusion in different programmatic areas and the meeting will host a workshop on grantmaking with an intersectionality approach and a plenary session on good practices in this area. Women, men, girls, and boys with or without disabilities all have different needs, priorities and capacities and various dimensions of diversity often intersect and interact. How can grantmakers ensure that they manage, allocate, and assess resources and programmes effectively for all communities?

Participants will explore these questions and how challenges in applying an intersectionality approach can be addressed.

The joint meeting will follow the Annual Disability Funders’ Forum taking place on 19-20 November in Brussels, hosted by the EFC’s Disability Thematic Network and take place before the Gender Equality Network‘s workshop ”Learning Journeys” on 21 November. Participants of both events are able to attend the joint meeting.

For further information visit the dedicated event website or contact Sevda Kilicalp.