28 November 2023
Philanthropy House, Brussels

Disability Thematic Network – Disability Funders’ Forum 2023

The Disability Thematic Network will host the “Disability Funders’ Forum 2023” on 28 November in Philanthropy House, Brussels, just before EuroPhilantopics 2023.

Disasters, whether natural or human-induced, inflict immense suffering, disrupt communities, and place tremendous strain on existing support systems. Amidst these challenges, it is imperative that we direct our attention to the distinct needs of individuals with disabilities. They encounter unique obstacles during such crises, including limited access to essential resources, communication barriers, and an increased risk of injuries or health complications. By acknowledging and addressing these challenges, we can collectively strive for more inclusive and effective disaster relief strategies.

Both the philanthropic sector and the European Union have demonstrated unwavering dedication to addressing the needs and promoting the rights of individuals with disabilities. European philanthropic organisations, through their steadfast support and funding, have supported initiatives, projects, and programmes that create positive change in the lives of persons with disabilities. Simultaneously, the European Union has been at the forefront, enacting policies and legislation aimed at fostering a more accessible and inclusive Europe for all.

This Forum will have two distinct themes, each forming their own session during the event. The first session will be on the support systems for individuals with disabilities during times of disaster, with an exchange insights and best practices. The second session will explore the achievements of the European Disability Strategy, what lessons can be learned from it and what can be changed or improved.

EuroPhilantopics 2023 will explore “Partnering for Democracy, Equality and Climate” on 29 November in Brussels.


Letizia Manzoni
Programme Manager – Equality Collaborations