19 October 2023

Democracy Network – Democracy Story Unit – Democracy Brown Bag Lunch 5

The Democracy Network will host the fifth in a series of brown bag lunches online on 19 October exploring the Doc Society‘s “Democracy Story Unit” and how stories can help us to understand how we might govern ourselves.

The Democracy Story Lab is designed to explore a core question: what are the stories which can help us understand how we might govern ourselves? How do we move beyond just ‘protecting democracy’ and look towards renewal, reimagination, and de/reconstruction? At its first ‘Lab’ later this year, Doc Society will bring storytellers together with top thought leaders with the goal to stimulate the production and distribution of non-fiction narratives that help us understand the issues at hand and worldbuild for the futures we need and deserve.

All democracy lunches are held on Teams and are camera optional. The goal of each lunch is to casually get to know other foundations in the field of democracy, to develop a mutual understanding on current practices and stimulate discussions on learning needs that will shape Philea’s relaunch of the Democracy Network from mid-2023 onwards.

This event is for foundations and funders only.


Nils Luyten
Programme Manager – Democracy Collaborations