8 June 2021

Open House: Climate Action Intersectional Peer Groups for Foundations and Funders

We invite foundations and funders active in health, disadvantaged groups and arts & culture to join the Open House online event on 8 June when these peer exchange opportunities will be launched. Please get in touch with Karalyn Gardner (karalyn.gardner@dafne-online.eu) at the Philanthropy Coalition for Climate for any questions you might have and to get the registration details for the 8 June Open House meeting.

Illustration by Marina Roa from SenseTribe

Staying on the current trajectory of global warming carries a very high risk of crossing several tipping points with devastating impacts on our natural ecosystems and on human well-being on our planet. This is not a remote danger, already today climate change has very real effects on the livelihoods of ordinary people around the world.

The impacts of climate change are putting philanthropic missions at risk everywhere and in every field. The good news is, avoiding the worst is still possible. The next 10 years are decisive, and philanthropy has a great potential to become a leading force in supporting and accelerating the necessary transformational changes needed in our societies, economies, and politics.

“Our vision: A society which respects our planetary boundaries, lives in harmony with nature and each other, that embraces difference, celebrates equality and promotes peace.

Tom Brookes, European Climate Foundation

Many funders and foundations are ready to step up. To facilitate a greater and faster engagement of the philanthropic sector and ultimately build up a stronger sectoral voice to communicate and accelerate awareness of and commitment to climate action, there is a big need to foster exchange between foundation representatives and donors. Together with Active Philanthropy, the Philanthropy Coalition for Climate is setting up peer groups working across Europe on specific topics intersecting with climate change to enable collective learning, imagining and action. The intersections that resonated most from our recent dialogues and meetings with funders and foundations and which we plan to start with this summer are those between Health & Climate, Disadvantaged Groups & Climate and Arts and Culture & Climate.