2 August 2023  -  4 August 2023
Saly, Senegal

4th Annual African Philanthropy Conference

The 4th African Philanthropy Conference will explore “African Philanthropy at an Inflection Point” on 2-4 August in Saly, Senegal.

In economics, an inflection point can be considered as a dramatic, drastic, and systemic event leading to synchronised economic decline. Typically, a real-life inflection point requires ingenuity and innovative thinking to cope, transform, or respond. The diverse responses to the global and regional crises illustrated several inflection points with real and long-lasting impacts on society. Considering the strides that philanthropy has made in providing and enabling solutions to crises, the sector is at an inflection point with a real task to respond, cope and shape or influence the future.

Organised by TrustAfrica and CAPSI, in partnership with African Philanthropy Forum (APF), the African Philanthropy Network (APN), the East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN), and the Southern Africa Trust, the conference will provide the opportunity to exchange knowledge, challenge established narratives, and collaboratively design strategies to address the pressing challenges facing the continent.