1 October 2020

Philanthropy Advocacy debate – Single Market for the Public Good: How can we unleash private resources for European solidarity?

On 1. October 2020, we are celebrating the European Day of Foundations and Donors to showcase the role foundations play in European societies for the benefit of all of us.

To mark this day,  Philanthropy Advocacy, the joint  DAFNE  and  EFC  initiative, is staging a debate to explore with key European policymakers as well as representatives from the foundation sector, how the EU Institutions and Member States can unlock the potential of philanthropy to contribute as a partner to a socially, environmentally and economically resilient Europe.  As past, current and new barriers limit the full potential of private resources for the public good, we will look at new ways to collaborate for stronger and transnational European solidarity.

With the participation of Belinda Goldsmith, editor in chief of  Thomson Reuters Foundation, announcing the winners of the European photo story contest FOCUS: philanthropy project, we will celebrate the human face of philanthropy through unique stories of solidarity connected to key European policy areas such as climate, social Europe, research, and international cooperation.

As the objective of this online debate is to strengthen synergies among public and private actors, we are delighted to announce the participation of high-profile commenters and moderators from both fields, united in their commitment to European public good.

Leaders and experts from the philanthropic sectors, such as Joachim Rogall, President & CEO of  Robert Bosch Stiftung  and Ludwig Forrest from  King Baudouin Foundation, as well as high-level representatives from the EU institutions, will share their unique perspectives and insights on the single market for public good.

While last year, we co-hosted a policy event at the  European Parliament, this year the policy dialogue will be online due to the COVID-19 situation.

Join us for the first time from all over Europe and beyond and share your thoughts on the debate with the hashtags #EuropeTogether and #WeArePhilanthropy, highlighting cross-border solidarity and inspiring partnerships during the European Day of Foundations and Donors and #philanthropy4good, highlighting stories and comments around the role of philanthropy for a resilient Europe.

European philanthropy is as diverse as European society. There are over 147,000 foundations in Europe today that provide annually € 60 bn to organisations and projects. Foundations and donors work with local communities to rebuild trust, provide access to art by maintaining museums and exhibitions, support homeless people and help them find their own voice and their place in society, provide scholarships to young people, engage in challenges that are neither trendy nor popular.

Foundations complement the work done by the welfare state. This is the reason why, in many European countries, foundations and charitable organisations enjoy tax benefits. Philanthropy as we see it is about empowerment. Empowerment of those who are in need. Empowerment of people whose voices are unheard or marginalised. Empowerment of vulnerable communities.