16 January 2020

Evens Foundation launch call for applications for the new Evens Prize for Education

The Evens Foundation has launched a call for application for a new prize, the Evens Prize for Education, seeking inspiring and new ideas that foster the motivation and ability to think critically about social questions.

To counteract the fact that practice and research are often two worlds apart, the new Evens Education Prize, Critical Thinking as a Practice of Freedom, invites applications in two categories:

  • Embedded practices that support critical thinking about social questions
  • Scholarly but practice-oriented work that furthers our understanding of practices, pedagogies, curricula or projects that foster critical thinking, and the conditions in which education for critical thinking can thrive

The call is open to a variety of practices implemented in institutional and non-institutional spaces by teachers, students, youth workers, artists, civil society organisations, etc and welcomes both formal, non-formal and community-based initiatives for youth as well as adults.

The call for applications closes on 15 March.

Find out more on the Evens Prize for Education.