9 October 2019

EFC mourns the passing of Wellcome Trusts’s former Chief Investment Officer Danny Truell

It is with deep sadness that the EFC learned of the passing of Wellcome Trust’s former Chief Investment Officer Danny Truell, who died on 30 September.

As the head of investment Mr Truell helped shape the modern Wellcome, and was a key part of the Steering Committee of the EFC’s European Foundation Financial and Investment Officers Group (EFFIO), a group of senior financial and investment officers of large independent European foundations working to advance the knowledge on the investment environment and practice of foundations across Europe and further the professionalism of its members.

In the words of Wellcome’s current director, Jeremy Farrar: “Danny Truell has been one of the most remarkable people to have served Wellcome. His contributions have been pivotal to making Wellcome what it is today.”

A full obituary is available via the link below.

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