3 June 2019

EFC Governance changes 2019

At the EFC’s 30th Annual General Assembly in Paris, 24 May, 2019, several changes and amendments to the EFC’s governance structure were voted upon, ratified and implemented.

Governing Council

The following five organisations stepped down from the Governing Council following the end of their terms:

These organisations were replaced by:

Management Committee

As the term of Körber-Stiftung ended so too did that of the EFC’s Vice-Chair, Klaus Wehmeier, who stepped down after 19 years of association with the EFC. The occasion was marked by the announcement of Körber-Stiftung gifting their share in Philanthropy House to the EFC.

Sara Llewellin, Barrow Cadbury Trust was unanimously voted in to replace the outgoing Vice-Chair, and would later that day also receive the fifth ever EFC Compass Prize, becoming the first woman to receive the award.

Axelle Davezac, Fondation de France, and Chair of the Host Committee for the Conference, was selected to replace the vacant Management Committee seat.

Nomination Committee

The mandate of Oksana Oracheva, Vladimir Potanin Foundation was renewed for a second three year term, and the mandate of Candan Fetvaci, Aydın Doğan Foundation was renewed for another year too.


For further information on the governance of the EFC visit here.