30 September 2019

EFC AGA and Conference 2020 trailer wins Cannes Corporate award


Allegrofilm and ERSTE Stiftung have won an award for the trailer to the EFC AGA and Conference 2020 ”Foundations and the new normal – How to innovate philanthropy?” in Vienna at the 2019 Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards.

The trailer, produced by Allegrofilm for the hosts of the 2020 conference, ERSTE Stiftung, won a Silver Dolphin Award in the category of Best Fairs, Shows, Events, Conference Openers films. The trailer follows André Heller and Kenan al Baredi on a tour of Vienna as each discuss their own personal histories of the city, André, a renowned multimedia artist and long term resident of Vienna, and Kenan, a tour guide and refugee who escaped the conflict in Syria and has recently made Vienna his home.

The award was presented at an awards ceremony in Cannes on 26 September and presented to Boris Marte and Maribel Königer, ERSTE Stiftung and Kurt Stocker and Robert Neumüller, Allegrofilm.

For more information contact Catherine Lennon.