13 December 2019

”Addressing Irregularity” with the Diversity, Migration and Integration Thematic Network and EPIM

The EFC’s Diversity, Migration and Integration Thematic Network (DMI) held a joint meeting with the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) seeking to explore “Addressing Irregularity – the perspective of undocumented migrants living in European societies” in The Hague on 29 October, hosted by the Adessium Foundation.

The DMI network and EPIM joined forces to focus a meeting upon the impact of, and possible solutions to, the situation of irregular migrants in Europe. The purpose of this meeting was to explore the latest evidence on trends throughout Europe and their implications for foundations working on migration and integration, at local, national and European levels. What is the role of foundations? How can they meaningfully engage in a fast-moving external context? What can be done to help find potential solutions for more pro-active, efficient and fair migration policies in Europe?

The programme included several opportunities for open discussion, and the opportunity for participants to learn more about the local, national and European contexts through a series of site visits in The Hague, to The Hague World House and the Buurt-en Kerkhuis Bethel. Time was also dedicated to exchanging best practices, foundations’ priorities, current, upcoming or planned work, and emerging issues in relation to migration and integration.

For further information on the meeting or the work of the Diversity, Migration and Integration Thematic Network contact Sevda Kilicalp.