22 April 2021

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  • Watch the latest Brussels Beats report by Max von Abendroth and Hanna Surmatz.

Hanna Surmatz touches upon Philanthropy Advocacy’s contribution to the Social Economy Action Plan and the EU AML and Financing policy. Philanthropy Advocacy will monitor whether the policy is proportionate to its risks and allows cross-border philanthropic endeavours. Lastly, Max von Abendroth discusses the Conference on the Future of Europe which will address the fight against climate change, Europe living up to social solidarity and European values including the rule of law.


  • Michael O’Flaherty, the Director of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), talks about Human Rights being the golden thread of the future of Europe.

Michael O’Flaherty shares his view on the involvement of civil society in the Conference of the Future of Europe. He emphasises the crucial role of civil society and philanthropy in addressing challenges on human rights such as the increased enthusiasm for regulation and restriction of capacity to access finance. We get an insight into the work of the FRA and lastly, Michael O’Flaherty reminds us that a hopeful approach in protecting human rights will enable us to build a better future. 

Michael O’Flaherty, Director of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights

  • The pivotal role of Philanthropy in the Social Economy Action Plan.

The main focus of the Social Economy Action Plan set up by the EU is the social economy sector. The EU seeks “to enhance social investment, support social economy actors and social enterprises to start-up, scale-up, innovate and create jobs.” Philanthropy plays a key role in the social economy sector. Access the Policy Paper here.

  • The new AML/CFT Policy to be adopted in May aims to create a more integrated legal framework, a supervisory authority and a financial intelligence unit.
  • 75 key civil society organisations have signed a joint declaration emphasising the importance of civil society engagement in the Conference on the Future of Europe.
  • With a diverse set of financial instruments, the Invest EU Programme aims to boost economic and social recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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