3 June 2021

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  • Brussels Beats 

Watch the latest Brussels Beats report by Max von Abendroth and Hanna Surmatz. Max von Abendroth discusses National Recovery and Resilience fund and the European Philanthropy Manifesto. He then touches upon civil society engagement in the Conference of the Future of Europe. Hanna Surmatz fills us in our latest roundtable during the European Social Economy Summit on enabling philanthropic action for social economy and the public good. A recent report by the European Parliament on European cross-border associations and non-profit organisations outlines the barriers and possible policy solutions. Lastly Hanna Surmatz points out that the most recent ERNOP Seminar with Giedre Lideikyte Huber has given us many new insights on the implications of taxation such as tax incentives on philanthropy.

  • New report on European cross-border associations and non-profit organisations published

The EPRS (European Parliamentary Research Service), a think tank and advisory body for the European Parliament, has published “A statute for European cross-border associations and non-profit organisations”. The report focuses on the current barriers that pubic benefit organisations such as charities, community associations and not-for-profit organisations including foundations face when working across EU Member States and makes a clear case for more support for EU civil society groups.

  • The Dutch cabinet formation and what it means for philanthropy in the Netherlands

A national election is a moment for citizens to re-evaluate their political views and let their voices be heard. For many Dutch citizens in the most recent parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, this re-evaluation has led to a change of heart. Never before in Dutch history have so many different parties earned a seat in parliament.

  • Tax incentives for philanthropy – added value and trends

What are the trends and best practices looking at philanthropy taxation? Are tax incentives for philanthropic actors justified? What is the rationale of governments to introduce them? It is clear that current policy and societal challenges require the concerted action of different actors, and policymakers are becoming aware that philanthropy needs an enabling environment to unleash its full potential for public good. These are some of the key insights from the ERNOP webinar on taxation, philanthropy and implications for practice. 

  • Business Taxation in Europe in the 21st century moving to the next level in the context of global action

On 18 May 2021, the European Commission has adopted a Communication on Business Taxation for the 21st Century. The Communication sets out both a long-term and short-term vision to support Europe’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure adequate public revenues over the coming years. The Commission also takes account of the progress made in the G20/OECD discussions on global tax reform. 

  • Philanthropy Advocacy organises a debate at the European Social Economy Summit on enabling cross-border philanthropy

The European Social Economy Summit organised in partnership with the European Commission on 25-26 May brought together over 3,000 representatives of the growing social economy sector in Europe. Foundations and philanthropic organisations play a key role in the European social economy sector as funders and investors as well as social economy actors in their own right.


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