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Rien van Gendt
Opinions - 15 January 2021

Blended value: financial returns, SDGs and gender in harmony

This blog originally appeared on the Rien van Gendt Philanthropy Services website on 11 January 2021 How enlightened would it be, if foundations were…
Opinions - 8 January 2021

Rising to the challenge

At the end of a turbulent year, many of us were following the US elections with our hearts in our mouths, hoping that our friends across the pond would vote…
Hal Plotkin
Opinions - 6 January 2021

Leadership styles matter: The key finding for grantmakers and grantees from the Virtual Summit on Impact

This blog first appeared on the Alliance magazine website in December 2020 How can grantmakers be sure the programs they fund have the maximum possible impact? For grantmakers,…
Michael Fembek
Opinions - 3 December 2020

Making events accessible is a journey, not a goal

Since COVID-19 hit the world in March 2020, the topic of accessible events and gatherings is more important than ever. Most conferences and meetings of all kinds have been re-invented…
Carola Carazzone
Opinions - 25 November 2020

Reflecting on 25 years of progress for gender equality – and how far there is to go

This blog also appears on the Alliance blog| Image credit: Designed by Freepik Twenty-five years ago, the World Conference on Women in Beijing…
Rick James
Opinions - 9 November 2020

“OD – a smart investment to multiply impact”: Learning from five foundations

Many foundations are shifting their funding strategies towards core support. But few foundations are yet taking seriously the organisational development of grantees. Now, more than ever, we need to invest…
Anthony T. Silberfeld
Opinions - 2 November 2020

Uncivil War in Uncertain Times

In 2016, many Americans watched the US presidential campaign with dismay, wondering what had become of our democracy.  Little did we know at the time, that the erosion of trust…
Avila Kilmurray
Opinions - 26 October 2020

Unseen People, Invisible Viruses and Blind States: Protecting Stateless People in Times of COVID-19

Offered the option of being given one super-power which would you choose: Superhuman strength? Invisibility? The ability to fly? There is one catch though – you cannot control the consequences.
Joanne Rich
Opinions - 20 October 2020

My year at The National Lottery Community Fund

This time last year I left my Clarion family to embark on the most exciting chapter of my career as Head of Youth Voice at The National Lottery Community Fund.
Filippo Candela
Opinions - 10 September 2020

Data in philanthropic foundations: beyond data science

In 2019, the Compagnia di San Paolo foundation transformed its organization to reflect the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals framework. These radical changes were supported by a detailed analysis…
Barry Knight
Opinions - 31 July 2020

Supporting communities on the frontlines of conflict

“The official advice is that it is too dangerous,”  Marina says.  She hands me the phone, and I say, “But I have promised to go.” We haggle and eventually reach…
Alberto Durán
Opinions - 29 June 2020

That we are living through difficult times is clear for all to see

We are facing the most serious socio-economic and health crisis of recent times, as the UN has pointed out in its report “Shared responsibility, global solidarity:…
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