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Sarah Perrine
Opinions - 6 June 2017

Making a positive impact on Roma communities throughout Europe

20 participants of the EFC annual conference met to discuss the future of private donor funding on Roma inclusion. The EFC’s Forum for Roma Inclusion presented results from a mapping of…
Maria Fola
Opinions - 14 March 2017

Communicating Philanthropy: who is listening?

I am taking the liberty to slightly rephrase the key question raised during the launch meeting of communications professionals in philanthropy, kindly hosted by the European Foundation Centre in Brussels…
Alessio Mennecozzi
Opinions - 19 January 2017

Food sustainability: joining forces for a common goal

Our food system cannot feed us all. The world’s population is skyrocketing and climate change is affecting our planet. Facing the challenge of food sustainability is an urgent matter: we…
Rhodri Davies
Opinions - 19 January 2017

Can financial services companies use their blockchain experiments to help charities?

This post originally appeared on the givingthought.org website FinTech is a hot topic right now across the financial services industry, government and beyond. Policymakers recognise that the UK…
Opinions - 20 December 2016

May we all learn the true value of living and letting live

I am sitting in my office preparing for the closure of this year and thinking (rather than looking) forward to the beginning of the next and find little solace in…
Helene Bjerre-Nielsen
Opinions - 15 November 2016

Environmental funding – an overview

It is a pleasure for me to introduce the third EFC mapping of environmental funding by European foundations. In his forward to the mapping, European Commissioner for…
Richard Boyle
Opinions - 4 November 2016

Can philanthropy work effectively with government?

There is a growing interest in how government and philanthropic organisations can work together to achieve social goals. Working together is not a straightforward task. Governments and philanthropies have different…
Tine Wickers
Opinions - 4 October 2016

My kitchen

A culinary universe designed to engage children in cooking in school and at home MY kitchen was introduced to schools across Denmark for the first time in the fall of…
Andrew Barnett
Opinions - 4 October 2016

The Funders’ Collaboration on Leadership: bold moves in challenging times

This post originally appeared on the Clore Social Leadership website Social sector leadership is an issue that’s close to my heart. I’ve worked with some exceptional individuals…
Hafeeza E. Rashed
Opinions - 30 August 2016

Against all odds – making gains for LGBTI communities across Africa

Organisations across Africa are working under difficult circumstances to improve human rights for LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) people and to help them gain equality, dignity and justice. Often,…
Ana Marie Argilagos
Opinions - 19 August 2016

How can cities challenge inequality and foster inclusive growth?

This post originally appeared on the Ford Foundation Equals Change blog in April 2016 Inequality is rising across the world, but it is perhaps most visible in cities, where…
Pierre Calame
Opinions - 14 July 2016

European Foundational Assembly : who is willing to join a citizens’ initiative?

The EU integration and expansion process has failed to give rise to a community of destiny. There is a need for citizens to lead the way in reinventing Europe by…
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