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Rien van Gendt
Opinions - 9 July 2018

Can foundations contribute to social cohesion in Europe?

The following is a speech made by Dr Rien van Gendt during the Humanity in Action International Conference, which took place in Strasbourg from 5-8 July 2018: I want to…
Bharat Mehta
Opinions - 5 July 2018

Helping amplify your work on diversity

Writing about being a model or an exemplar is tricky. Neither the Trust as an organisation, nor I as its Chief Executive, are models. We are more straw effigies that…
Sam Alvis
Opinions - 11 June 2018

Building a strong future for European science: Brexit and beyond

Decades of cooperation have made Europe a great place for research. But as science and politics change, we need to adapt to keep up. Europe must work together to secure…
Opinions - 25 May 2018

Working our way towards a Single Market for Philanthropy

This blog first appeared on the Alliance magazine website and Euractiv.com blog Growing nationalism and deepening populist sentiment across Europe make it all the more…
Tina Walsweer
Opinions - 18 May 2018

Give Chance a Chance – a Lottery Decides Which Daring Research Ideas Receive Funding

When deciding on the eligibility of project applications, strict formal and technical specifications play a role, and the projects are also subjected to careful examination by experts. However, it is…
Opinions - 8 May 2018

Déjà vu all over again: The short attention span and the cyclical obliviousness of the philanthropic and development industries

This post first appeared on the Global Fund for Community Foundations website The philanthropic and development sectors have much in common, an ever-expending Jargon, genuine concern…
Laura Señán Cagiao
Opinions - 16 April 2018

The role of foundations in the implementation of the World Urban Forum’s New Urban Agenda

When it comes to urban development, there is a clear proponent in the ranks: Latin America, which continues to be the most urbanised region in the world. Although this is…
Catriona Gourlay
Opinions - 6 April 2018

PeaceNexus: supporting organisational change

As the European Foundation Centre’s newest member, we are grateful for this opportunity to introduce ourselves.  Please consider this Spotlight as an invitation to reach out to us. Who we are, what…
Tine Wickers
Opinions - 20 March 2018

The coast is clear … and my office is here! Outreach and advice on the beach

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXLHj3ZIoEs   This year Nordea-fonden, a Danish philanthropic foundation, decided to earmark 6.7 million euro to support activities along the Danish coastline. Here’s a brief description of…
Pierre Calame
Opinions - 21 February 2018

A missed opportunity to rebuild Europe on new foundations through a citizen foundational process

“Our societies, while deploring the crisis in representative democracy, are still finding it difficult to devise true citizen debating processes and even more difficult to admit that the revival of…
Opinions - 20 February 2018

Be careful what you wish for

“In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.” ― Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere’s Fan   The adage…
Nick McGrath
Opinions - 6 February 2018

Inspiring young people and creating hope for the future in Northern Kenya

“If I hadn’t joined a youth group, I myself may have joined al-Shabaab,” explained Noor Dahir, the charismatic Director of a Lamu Island-based youth group Kiunga Youth Bunge Initiative. Lamu Island, known for…
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