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Marie-Stéphane Maradeix
Opinions - 10 September 2019

A philanthropic coalition for climate emergency and social justice

We have ten years, ten short years left to activate the transition towards a global system able to limit climate change to 1.5 degrees Celsius. In addition to the environmental…
Michael Göring
Opinions - 5 September 2019

Cooperation beyond borders

Congratulations, EFC, and many happy returns! Privately established foundations working for the common good are central to European history, first appearing in recorded history when Plato founded the “Academia” in…
Michael Mapstone
Opinions - 3 September 2019

The path forward for philanthropy − Harnessing the powerful voices of the young

Michael Mapstone of the Charities Aid Foundation looks back on 30 years of the European Foundation Centre and examines how the institution has evolved, the challenges…
Truus Huisman
Opinions - 29 August 2019

The right time to do right is always right now

The EFC is turning 30, an accomplishment in its own right. Yet, we can think of far more than 30 reasons to celebrate achievements by philanthropy in Europe. Past EFC…
Rupert Strachwitz
Opinions - 28 August 2019

How not to lose trust and miss a window of opportunity

As the general set up of Europe underwent fundamental changes in 1989, it seemed that European foundations were getting their act together to help trigger them. One might remember this…
Ieva Morica
Opinions - 23 August 2019

Freedom – the Baltic way

“All injustice and oppression eventually come to an end. The spirit of freedom is stronger than any slavery. Sooner or later, any lies will be illuminated by the truth. Let’s…
Goran Buldioski
Opinions - 19 August 2019

What philanthropy can no longer take for granted

At 30, the European Foundation Centre has matured into the continent’s preeminent support infrastructure for philanthropy. Its achievements notwithstanding, and they are many, philanthropy has little it can…
Vinit Rishi
Opinions - 31 July 2019

The European foundation sector has come a long way

The early days I am somewhat in awe of the pioneering vision and optimism shown by the foundations that came together to found the EFC in 1989 and also of…
Aart de Geus
Opinions - 29 July 2019

Wake up, philanthropy!

Anyone who has ever been to Augsburg knows that it has a city within the city. I mean the Fuggerei, the oldest existing social settlement in the world. Here, surrounded…
Opinions - 24 July 2019

The writing is on the wall

I read all the stories that were submitted to the EFC for our 30th anniversary blogs with delight.  I am thrilled at the richness and sheer diversity of storytelling and…
Barry Knight
Opinions - 16 July 2019

Let’s play a new European tune

New promise Thirty years ago, European philanthropy stood on the brink of new promise. The formation of the EFC on 9 November 1989 – the same day that the Berlin…
Pierre Calame
Opinions - 15 July 2019

Philanthropy for the Twenty-first Century

When in the early 1980s I became part of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind (FPH), then in 1986 its General Director, I had nearly 20…
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