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Opinions - 9 December 2019

Avoid making a drama out of a crisis

The EFC’s Communications Professionals in Philanthropy Network held its Autumn Meeting in Athens, hosted by the Bodossaki Foundation from 21-22 November 2019. The meeting focused on members’ experiences in…
Maria Fola
Opinions - 4 December 2019

Reflections on crisis communications – how prepared are we?

A few weeks ago, a group of passionate communications professionals met in Athens, Greece, to deep dive into the issue of crisis communications. This was the autumn meeting of the…
Virginia Ruan
Opinions - 6 November 2019

Communication is the strategy

This blog was first published on Alliance on 31 October Communications strategy: what is it exactly in the context of a grant-making foundation? How can we use…
Ruzanna Ter-Ghazaryan
Opinions - 31 October 2019

Reflections from EFC’s Grantmakers East Forum 2019

This blog was first published by Alliance Magazine on 30 October 2019. It was a pleasure to participate in the EFC Grantmakers East Forum (GEF)…
Antoaneta Ivanova
Opinions - 30 October 2019

Are we digitalising civic movements?

This blog was first published by Alliance Magazine on 29 October 2019. During the EFC Grantmakers East Forum in Tbilisi, the donors in attendance were…
Guido Barilla
Opinions - 28 October 2019

Fight climate change with your fork

Until recently, most private foundations ignored climate change. Rather, they preferred to combat its negative effects such as migration and health care. This is useful, but it left unanswered many…
Lourdes Marquez de la Calleja
Opinions - 15 October 2019

30 years of the EFC

Ahead of addressing the 74th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly this year on September 26th in New York, the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, took a selfie,…
Lynda Mansson
Opinions - 14 October 2019

From pioneering to building for lasting impact: 25 years of MAVA grantmaking

This blog was previously posted on the MAVA Foundation website. This year marks the 25th anniversary of MAVA grant-making. Established originally as a vehicle…
Marika Hedin
Opinions - 7 October 2019

A new role for the EFC

Congratulations EFC on celebrating 30 years of fruitful networking and peer-learning! As a relative newcomer to the philanthropic sector, I already feel welcome: through an inspiring first meeting with Gerry…
Jeremy Farrar
Opinions - 1 October 2019

Why we need to reimagine how we do research

This post originally appeared on the Wellcome Trust website on 10 September 2019. The emphasis on excellence in the research system is stifling diverse…
Shannon Lawder
Opinions - 17 September 2019

An unorthodox meeting becomes a 30-year partnership

One early morning in August 1990, Mott Foundation Chairman Bill White was on a tour bus in Krakow, Poland, while attending the Johns Hopkins Second Annual International Fellows in Philanthropy…
Anthony Tomei
Opinions - 16 September 2019

Why are we doing this? How foundations are thinking differently about their missions

Historically foundation activity has largely meant grant giving, and as grant givers much of our attention has focussed on “how” questions: How do we communicate our requirements? How do we…
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