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Pierre Calame
Opinions - 15 July 2019

Philanthropy for the Twenty-first Century

When in the early 1980s I became part of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind (FPH), then in 1986 its General Director, I had nearly 20…
Massimo Lapucci
Opinions - 8 July 2019

A global strategy for a divided Europe: Philanthropy without borders

During the 2019 EFC conference in Paris, French illustrator Plantu showed us a shrewd vignette with a clear message: “Before 1989 one could not even meet, today everything is…
Dawn Austwick
Opinions - 24 June 2019

Philanthropy is a guest at other people’s tables … but is it time to play musical chairs?

Are we doing enough? And are we doing enough of the right thing? Writing this blog, I began to reflect on the passage of time – how much changes, how…
Sara Llewellin
Opinions - 17 June 2019

Solidarity through Diversity

The blog below is based on the acceptance speech of Barrow Cadbury Trust’s CEO, Sara Llewellin, for the prestigious Compass Award at the 2019 European Foundation Centre (EFC) Annual General…
Lynda Mansson
Opinions - 11 June 2019

Challenges in managing MAVA’s final chapter

MAVA is reaching the half way point on its final strategy covering 2016-2022. As we enter our final chapter, there are some inherent challenges any foundation in such a situation…
Anna Talasniemi
Opinions - 6 June 2019

Towards listening and learning

My first concrete contact with the EFC occurred six years ago when I attended their Annual Conference and General Assembly in Copenhagen in 2013. At that point, I had been…
Carola Carazzone
Opinions - 5 June 2019

Beyond membership, impact change

In 1989, when the Berlin wall fell – and the EFC was created – I was 16. I belong to the first generation of Italian young people who became massively…
Göran Blomqvist
Opinions - 4 June 2019

Capacity building – it’s in the EFC’s DNA

Happy 30th Birthday EFC! Thirty years have passed since the start. Any signs of a 30-year crisis?? You know, doubts about the past, questions about the future, reflections on your…
Moira Sinclair
Opinions - 3 June 2019

Philanthropy – past, present and future

A version of this blog was published in the UK in April 2019 It may be a bit of a cliché to suggest that the world moves a…
Stephen Heintz
Opinions - 29 May 2019

Championing collaboration in an era of isolation

In February 2019, hundreds of diplomats, heads of state, cabinet ministers, parliamentarians, and high-ranking military officers gathered in Germany to discuss the fractured state of geopolitics and the daunting question…
Klaus Wehmeier
Opinions - 28 May 2019

30 years, three remarks, and one fantastic gift

At the EFC’s Annual General Assembly and Conference 2019, in Paris, Körber-Stiftung announced that they will gift their share of Philanthropy House to the EFC,…
Christopher Harris
Opinions - 28 May 2019

A time to go up a level (or change the game itself)?

I was asked to offer some reflections about what the 30th anniversary of the EFC represents. On the one hand, while I have worked in philanthropy for over 25 years,…
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