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News - 22 July 2021

Danièle Wagener and Yves Kuhn appointed to the Board of Directors of the Fondation de Luxembourg

Fondation de Luxembourg, member of Dafne, has appointed Danièle Wagener and Yves Kuhn to the Board of Directors.
News - 20 July 2021

The European Commission unveils Rule of law report before the summer break

European Commission acknowledges civil society as a key partner for the EU in its work to promote a stronger European rule of law culture. However, the enabling framework for civil society is included only as a part of the 4th pillar on checks and balances. Read our overview.
News - 20 July 2021

Philanthropy in the Netherlands, Trouble in Paradise?

Siep Wijsenbeek, Director of the Association of Foundations in the Netherlands (FIN) calls on European philanthropy and civil society organisations to engage with policymakers and the public around legislative proposals that affect our sector.
News - 20 July 2021

Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition and Economist Intelligence Unit presents Fixing Food 2021 report

The Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition and Economist Intelligence Unit have presented their joint report “Fixing Food…
News - 16 July 2021

Harnessing #PhilanthropyForClimate

Relive the highlights of the European launch event of the International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change for the PEXcommunity.
News - 16 July 2021

Newly elected PEX Co-creation Council for the season of 2021-2022

PEXcommunity has voted on the new PEX Co-creation Council, electing 12 PEX Co-creation Council members who will co-shape the future of the PEXcommunity for the season of 2021-2022.
News - 16 July 2021

Outcomes FATF Plenary

  FATF Publication on the Plenary 21 – 25 June 2021 – Published 25 June 2021 “FATF President, Dr. Marcus Pleyer, chaired the second Plenary under Germany Presidency…
News - 16 July 2021

Grantmaking trends in Russia in the times of COVID-19: unrestricted funding has potential, but organisational maturity still needs to be developed

Alina Shenfeldt, International Cooperation Lead at Russian Donors Forum, reflects on the trends inherent to Russian grantmakers.
News - 16 July 2021

Recovery and Resilience takes shape in European Member States

The European Union’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic that strengthens Europe’s resilience has seen a lot of progress over the past few days. The National Recovery and Resilience Plans, which…
News - 15 July 2021

The Means at Hand
Trust-driven practice strengthens the value-base of philanthropic organisations

Timo Unger, Master of Public Policy Student at the Hertie School Berlin and Research Assistant at the Maecenata Foundation, discusses the trust-driven practice embraced by Philanthropy.Insight Assessment Tool (PIAT).
News - 14 July 2021

Civil Society Speaks for the Unborn: An Algorithm for Equity

To ensure the communities we care about aren't left behind, philanthropy needs to engage in delivering digital infrastructure. Don't worry, it isn't as boring as it sounds.
News - 13 July 2021

Can philanthropy ever be open and inclusive?

Tris Lumley, NPC Director of Innovation and Development, shares his reflections on open philanthropy - a new approach to make philanthropy more inclusive, open and transparent and to build a new commons of sense-making, priority-setting and decision-making.
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