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News - 18 August 2021

The EU Social Economy Action Plan: what role for impact investors?

In view of the upcoming EU Action Plan for Social Economy, Bianca Polidoro (EVPA), gives an overview of the current EU challenges within social economy and outlines five recommendations where impact investors and the broader philanthropy sector could play key roles.
News - 17 August 2021

Gender equity is moving to the top of the philanthropy agenda – but there’s an elephant in the room

To become the impactful and credible change agents we need them to be, foundations and donors have to deal with a big elephant in the room: the absence of women leaders in their top decision-making structures.
News - 13 August 2021

How funders worried by the UN climate report can address the climate crisis

Liz Gadd, from New Philanthropy Capital, shares four ways funders can help tackle the climate crisis, whether they are new to the field or not.
News - 6 August 2021

About Foreign Funds – Statement by TUSEV

TUSEV, the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey, has published a statement as a reaction to the most recent developments in Turkey regarding the philanthropy sector, focusing on foreign funds. They are concerned about the statements and declarations in social media and other mediums regarding CSOs receiving foreign funds and they emphasise the importance of civil society in the development of democracy.
News - 6 August 2021

EU Public Affairs and Communications Trainee at Philanthropy Advocacy team in Brussels

We are offering a full-time paid EU Public Affairs and Communications Trainee for six months starting on 20 September 2021.
News - 6 August 2021

Full-time EU Public Affairs and Communications Trainee at Philanthropy Advocacy team in Brussels

Apply for the open position of Policy and Communications Trainee at Philanthropy Advocacy. Starting on 20 September 2021, you will work for six months at the Philanthropy House in the centre of Brussels. The position offers great learning opportunities and access to a great European network in politics and philanthropy. Read more...
News - 3 August 2021

New EFC peer-learning group shares experiences on data for social good

The EFC, in collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, organised a peer-learning meeting on 30 July bringing together a group…
News - 3 August 2021

A Single Market for Philanthropy in the EU

The ongoing process of globalization applies not only to business operations, but also to philanthropy. While it is easy for goods and services to move freely across Europe, it is still difficult for businesses and individuals to donate across borders. According to ERNOP, the annual amount of philanthropic contributions in Europe is estimated at 87.5 billion Euro. Will a single market for philanthropy become a reality in the EU?
News - 2 August 2021

LEGO Foundation pledges $30 million to Global Partnership for Education fund

The LEGO Foundation has announced a $30 million pledge to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) fund, to drive inclusive access to quality education for all children. At the…
News - 30 July 2021

Javier Nadal, Chair of the AEF, speaks with Europa 2021 on the role of foundations in times of crises and the common space for philanthropy in Europe

Javier Nadal, Chair of the Association of Spanish Foundations (AEF), has been interviewed by José Carlos Gallardo on Europa 2021, a Spanish public TV programme dedicated to the main issues on the EU weekly agenda and concerns for European citizens.  NextGenerationEU recovery plan that involves civil society and philanthropy has been part of the conversation.
News - 27 July 2021

Robert Bosch Stiftung publishes study on democracy in Germany, France, Britain, Poland and the US

Robert Bosch Stiftung has published a new study on democracy “Itʼs Complicated. People and Their Democracy in Germany, France, Britain, Poland, and…
News - 23 July 2021

All eyes on the new Anti-Money Laundering Package of legislative proposals

The European Commission has presented the long-awaited package of legislative proposals to strengthen the EU’s anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) rules. The purpose is harmonisation across the EU of AML and CFT rules. The package also proposes the creation of an EU authority to fight money laundering.
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