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News - 8 November 2021

Investing with a climate lens with the Philanthropic Leadership Platform: India-Europe

The third webinar of the first edition of the Philanthropic Leadership Platform: India-Europe, undertaken in partnership with the Asian Venture Philanthropy Association (AVPN), took place on…
News - 3 November 2021

PEX reflections: ‘Trust’ in donor-charity relationships

Reflecting on his first PEX session, James Macdonald of Beacon Collaborative explores one of the central themes which emerged – trust and, specifically, its importance in developing long-term relationships between donors and charities.
News - 3 November 2021

Zagoriy Foundation publishes “Charitable Giving as Viewed by Ukrainians in 2021”

The Zagoriy Foundation has published “Charitable Giving as Viewed by Ukrainians in 2021” a study analysing key trends in charity in Ukraine and identifying…
News - 3 November 2021

Let us not give up the ghost on foundations, but engage with it.

Professor Tobias Jung explains how using a spectral lens helps building a more nuanced understanding of foundations by re-orientating inquiry into, engagement with, and perceptions of foundations’ peculiarities, practices and promises.
News - 2 November 2021

What if? Imagining climate-positive philanthropy

On 27 October, the Next Philanthropy project hosted the event "What if every foundation cared about climate?" as part of its "What if? Reimagining philanthropy" series.
News - 27 October 2021

Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity awarded to Global Covenant of Mayors

The Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity has been awarded to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM) for its climate leadership across…
News - 26 October 2021

EFC Annual Conference 2021 Vienna – Closing plenary

Watch the Closing plenary of the EFC Annual Conference 2021 in Vienna. Hosted by ERSTE Stiftung, the Closing plenary took place on 20 October, wrapping up the…
News - 26 October 2021

EFC Annual Conference 2021 Vienna – Opening plenary

Watch the Opening plenary of the EFC Annual Conference 2021 in Vienna. Hosted by ERSTE Stiftung, the Opening plenary took place in the Gartenbaukino on 18 October…
News - 25 October 2021

Philanthropy as a new way to mobilise finance for impact

Philanthropic organisations handle the grant giving and the investment of the endowment often in a very independent and diverse way. For the majority of philanthropic organisations asset administration of their endowment and their grantmaking/operational activities are two separate areas of activity with not much interlinkage. However, more philanthropic organisations have started considering that their asset administration should at least, to some extent, be linked to their mission and/or be supporting start-ups/social enterprises/businesses also in the form of “impact investing” etc.
News - 25 October 2021

Max von Abendroth & Liz McKeon in conversation: climate & philanthropy

Liz McKeon, IKEA Foundation, and Max von Abendroth, Dafne, discuss how philanthropy can tackle the climate crisis at the EFC Annual Conference 2021.
News - 25 October 2021

Press release: Time is running out: Europe’s philanthropy sector needs imagination, boldness and inclusion to unleash its full potential

Vienna, 22 October 2021 – The annual conference of the European Foundation Centre (EFC) came to a successful close this week. For three days, discussions among around 400 representatives of…
News - 25 October 2021

European Parliament discusses need for a Single Market for Philanthropy

The European Parliament launched at its plenary of 21 October 2021 a debate on the need for “A Single Market for Philanthropy”. The debate was initiated by Vice-President Nicola Beer and MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk. The aim of the resolution is to unlock the potential of philanthropy in the recovery and future of Europe, mobilising complementary private resources for the public good and facilitating cross-border giving and philanthropic action.
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