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Thalassa Foundation

The Foundation was established by BLUE PLANET SHIPPING LTD, a ship management company based in Piraeus, Greece. As part of its corporate and social responsibilities the Company has supported several environmental projects. The creation of Thalassa was the materialisation of the Company’s vision for sustainable development in the Mediterranean.


Thalassa Foundation aims to assist and actively support any project, initiative and activity that promotes the protection and safeguarding of marine and coastal ecosystems in the Mediterranean Sea, and especially in the area of Greece.
The aim of their initiatives is to yield both environmental and social benefits. Local communities will be encouraged to attain long-term environmental goals while understanding that environmental protection and preservation are intricately linked to their future economic development and viability.

Geographic Focus

Greece, Mediterranean Region

Programme Areas

In order to enhance marine life conservation, the Foundation initiates based on some fundamental pillars. These are restoration and preservation, sustainability, education and environmental awareness. Furthermore, Thalassa Foundation encourages research and works closely with the scientific society on numerous environmental issues.

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