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Goldschmeding Foundation

Our founder and donor Frits Goldschmeding has given the Goldschmeding Foundation a mission: to make a better world possible for People, Work and Economy. A better world does not come about by itself. Sharing interests is necessary for this, but by no means common practice. The Goldschmeding Foundation is therefore inspired by the Greek concept ‘agap√®’: freely translated the ‘committment to the prosperity of the other’. By putting yourself in the shoes of the other person and thinking from the point of view of the other person’s interests, a more beautiful society is created.


Driven by our 100-year perspective, we contribute to a better world, based on the conviction that this is strengthened when people serve each other’s interests. To accelerate this, we support innovative practical projects and excellent scientific research at the intersection of People, Work and Economy. We do this with the use of donations, our network and our knowledge. Our ethical compass, imparted by our founder Frits Goldschmeding, means that we work together based on trust, have an eye for the interests of all involved, and strive for perfection in everything we do.

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