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Fondazione Roma

The history of the Fondazione Roma dates back to 1539 when, in order to fight usury, Pope Paul III issued an Edict establishing the pawn-broking institution ‘Mount of Piety of Rome’. The mission was perpetuated through a Rescript issued in 1836 by Pope Gregory XVI, in response to an initiative of worthy citizens, which then instituted the savings bank called Cassa di Risparmio di Roma that subsequently incorporated the Mount of Piety in 1937. The Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Roma was established and inherited the savings bank’s original social benefit goals when the Amato bank reform was enacted at the beginning of the nineteen nineties. In order to underline a new identity arising from the separation of the banking business from philanthropic activities, in 2007 the foundation’s name became Fondazione Roma and was fully entitled to be classified as a foundation established under civil law acting in the interest of the community.


To provide social benefit and to promote economic development in the fields of health; art and culture; education; scientific research; aid to the underprivileged; and also to support activities in the voluntary service sector.

Geographic Focus

Italy, with focus on the Province of Rome and the Region of Lazio, and occasionally international

Programme Areas

The foundation operates its own programmes and cooperates on initiatives proposed by non-profit organisations in the following areas:

• Health
• Art and culture
• Education
• Scientific research
• Aid to the underprivileged

Supports a hospice to assist and improve the quality of life of patients with a short life expectancy, who are alone or in need. The hospice offers services free of charge, including 30 single rooms with private amenities together with a day hospital and a centre for the elderly that provides physiotherapy and cognitive psychology to outpatients. In addition, home assistance is provided to 90 cancer patients in an advanced or terminal stage. The foundation also supports local public and private non-profit hospitals (situated in the provinces of Rome, Frosinone and Latina). Anotherproject that the foundation has established is the therapeutic community called “La Casa” which was opened for individuals who, having been recently discharged from psychiatric wards in hospitals and nursing homes, are not yet self sufficient.

Art and Culture
Supports the Museo del Corso which houses special exhibitions of artistic and cultural interest as well as the foundation’s private collection. In 2002, the foundation established a symphony orchestra comprising 65 young musicians which has gained recognition at national and international level. It is also a founding member of Fondazione RomaEuropa Arte e Cultura that operates in various cultural fields, especially in the performing arts. The foundation also implements initiatives aimed at protecting ethnic minorities and respecting human rights.

The foundation supports the whole teaching cycle, ranging from primary school to master courses, by issuing grants or forming partnerships with institutions or associations which pursue the same purposes. One of the most significant projects aims to expand technological innovation in State primary, secondary and secondary high schools situated in the local area.

Scientific Research
Operates various projects ranging from the medical-pharmaceutical to the socio-economic field. The foundation is a founder member of the Fondazione G.B. Bietti per lo Studio e la Ricerca in Oftalmologia, which operates in the field of ophthalmologic research, prevention and clinical and surgical assistance. Together with the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the foundation created a Cord Blood Bank. Furthermore, the foundation has instituted a Centre for the Dissemination of the Results of Agricultural Research (CEDRA) and also cooperates with the institute of socio-economic research “”Fondazione Censis””.

Aid to the Underprivileged
Supports Fondazione Italiana per il Volontariato which promotes, encourages and supports the voluntary sector. Also supports Fondazione Europa Occupazione: Impresa di Solidarietà which seeks to foster occupational opportunities through training for youths and the less fortunate. In addition, the foundation holds a controlling interest in the “”Compagnia Sviluppo Imprese Sociali”” (COSIS S.p.A) the first Italian ethical bank to fund and provide services for non-profit organisations.

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