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European Investment Bank

As the EU bank, the EIB provides long-term finance for sound, sustainable investment projects in support of EU policy goals in Europe and beyond. Owned by the 28 EU Member States, the EIB is the largest multilateral lender and borrower in the world. The Bank has over 3000 staff who can build on 60 years of experience in project financing. The EIB is headquartered in Luxembourg and has a network of over 40 local offices.


Improving the quality of life for people in Europe and beyond since 1958.

Geographic Focus

The EIB is active both inside and outside the European Union. The majority of EIB lending is attributed to promoters in the EU countries (about 90 percent of the total volume) supporting the continued development and integration of the Union. The ElB’s lending outside the EU is governed by a series of mandates in support of EU development and cooperation policies in partner countries.

Programme Areas

The ElB’s activities focus on four priority areas in support of growth and job creation: innovation and skills, access to finance for smaller businesses, climate action and strategic infrastructure across the EU and beyond. To ensure maximum impact, the Bank also lends to sound projects, combining EU funds with EIB loans and advising on technical and financial aspects.

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