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EASL International Liver Foundation

The founder of the EASL International Liver Foundation is the European Association for the Study of the Liver. This is a world-class scientific society dedicated to excellence in scientific research and the clinical management of liver disorders.

For many years, the EASL Governing Board has heard from different partners and stakeholders about the need to extend the top level science and educational initiatives beyond Europe. EASL listened to the community and then analyzed the best way to respond in the most effective manner.

Following independent advice, the need to establish a dedicated vehicle to support this objective was clearly identified and executed in order for EASL to focus on its core activities derived from the latest scientific research and so that liver knowledge can be shared with everyone.

In 2016, the EASL International Liver Foundation was established by EASL and Professor Massimo Colombo was appointed as the board chairperson.


The EASL International Liver Foundation is a global non-profit organization, established by the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL), committed to increasing the quality of life and reducing premature mortality for the greatest number of people by improving liver health

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

EILF has four main pillars guiding its work. Each project helps to achieve their goal of improving liver health and enabling people to live healthy lives.

Fostering scientific research

Providing educational services
Programs of this pillar aim to provide training and capacity building to healthcare providers. The EASL – EILF Fellowships provide a range of opportunities, from PhD and post-doctoral education to short term training support.

disease awareness

healthcare interventions

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