Covid-19 Revival

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a crisis that is bringing the whole world to a halt, with unprecedented and immeasurable implications for our societies. Philanthropy has a crucial role to play in responding to this crisis, both in providing immediate relief and in creating long-term solutions.

Philea seeks to support its members, as well as the wider community of European philanthropy networks, by collating information and resources related to Covid-19 and philanthropy in Europe.

COVID-19 Revival & Philanthropy European Knowledge Hub

Philea draws on a number of initiatives and projects begun by both the EFC and Dafne since the beginning of the pandemic.

Dafne curated the COVID-19 Revival & Philanthropy European Knowledge Hub where relevant resources concerning the resilience building phase were collected and made available, and was developed from the initial open source European Resource Hub “COVID-19 & Philanthropy” which collected the emergency responses by philanthropic organisations across Europe from March to June 2020. Dafne also jointly facilitated an exploration of the role of philanthropy in the resilience building phase, built around scenario thinking methodology.

The EFC produced two publications, each drawing upon surveys conducted with members across Europe, on the measures they were enacting, projects they were creating, and the difficulties they were facing, as philanthropy responded to the pandemic. The publications helped to identify possible points of collaboration and synergy, and supported the sharing of best practices and knowledge. The sharing of best practices and knowledge was further supported by a year-long project, detailing the means and methods by which the EFC membership was responding to the crisis, as they happened, for the first year of the pandemic.


EFC Members’ Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic: Results from EFC Survey March-June 2020

Insights on how the work of EFC members changed in 2020: March 2021

With plenty of foundations taking the lead in showing support for their beneficiaries, the EFC and Dafne jointly issued the European Philanthropy Statement on COVID-19 for foundations to showcase this solidarity at the European level. And working together with European philanthropy and social investment networks EVPAGSG and NEF, the EFC and Dafne co-created the Unitus Europe hub to ensure that responses to the outbreak of the pandemic are cohesive, collaborative, efficient and achieve the best possible impact for all their beneficiaries.

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