13 May 2019

Women’s safety audits

In vulnerable neighborhoods in France, almost a third of women report feeling unsafe. This fear can lead them to avoid or desert public places and restrict their activities and social lives.

In response to this situation, women’s safety audits were developed in Canada as early as the 1990s. This approach relies on the mobilization and expertise of inhabitants to improve their environment. France Mediation is the pioneer organization for the implementation of this method in France.

Fondation CHANEL has worked with the France Mediation network to coordinate a national experiment: the development of women’s safety audits in 12 French cities. This innovative project seeks to reinforce the role of women in local participatory democracy by enabling them to collectively inform public authorities of their expectations regarding access to public spaces.
Several safety audits with groups of women walking together around their neighborhood were organised as different times during the day. They conclude with a presentation to local elected representatives and partners on the problems encountered and ways to improve local safety conditions.

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