6 October 2020

RISE UP – A Blue Call to Action

RISE UP – A Blue Call to Action is a joint call by civil society, fisherfolk, indigenous people and philanthropic organisations to engineer bold action and safeguard the oceans.

The call establishes a priority agenda and invites key decision-makers and stakeholders to act on behalf of the oceans and the communities that mostly depend on them and already has over 300 signatures. It sets out common priorities, objectives and targets that the member organisations have collectively agreed are vital in tackling the ocean crisis and can be used to inspire decision-makers and key stakeholders to RISE UP and agree on a course of action that gives the oceans the best chance of survival.

The Oak Foundation joined forces with the Oceano Azul Foundation and Ocean Unite to bring together a small group of organisations and people from around the world seeking to help in stopping the crisis facing the oceans.

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