2 February 2019

L’École de la philanthropie

The L’École de la philanthropie (School of philanthropy) is an initiative in France that utilises philanthropy as a tool to teach children about civic engagement.

The project, began in 2011 with the backing of Fondations Edmond de Rothschild, has since its inception educated 8600 children on role of civic engagement, and awareness of effective altruism and empathy. The target age of the children is 8 years to 11 years old, but the school also works with other organisations and initiatives to increase the impact and spread of its educational work.

The school now has three locations in Ile-de-France; Paris, Versailles and Créteil, and has received additional supporters such as EFC member; Fondation de France.

To read more on the work of the school (in French) visit their website here – L’École de la philanthropie.