16 May 2017


The Istanbul95 programme is a mapping exercise, by the Bernard van Leer Foundation, conducted on young children in the city of Istanbul, the first step towards scaling up services aiming to reach more children in poverty.

The maps, produced with the support of the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) and Istanbul Studies Center of Kadir Has University (ISC), are to provide a planning tool to help visualise the complex relationships between factors such as real estate value, and the distribution of children of varying age groups throughout the city.

Initially this exercise provides municipalities with guidance of where to target their services and TESEV will further develop the maps in collaboration with district municipalities towards helping the Istanbul95 programme to identify needs and more opportunities to integrate services.

Istanbul95 works in partnership with the Marmara Municipalities Union, a semi-governmental agency that provides support to 155 municipalities in Istanbul and the surrounding region of Marmara.