23 August 2017

Fondo de Ciencia

With the Fondo de Ciencia (Science Fund), Fundación Barrié aimed at creating a means to foster the generation of economic returns out of excellent research produced in Galicia.

The fund exclusively supports research groups that are working on high quality projects, and with results that can be applied a commercialised way in society. Fundación Barrié played a key role in defining new ways for collaborations between academia and industry, so as to achieve a common goal by complementing each other and proving that high quality research is compatible with the market.

Four projects are currently being supported across a range of disciplines from biomedicine, to high-performance computer software, and are showing promising results, including four validated proofs-of-concepts, three new international patents, and two new Galicia-based companies.

To read more (in Spanish) on the fund visit here.