20 January 2020

European Social Catalyst Fund

The European Social Catalyst Fund (ESCF), launched in January 2020 at the opening of the exhibition ”Facing Change” in Philanthropy House, will support the development of detailed implementation plans to scale proven social innovations within and across European Member States.

The Fund is envisaged to act as a catalyst to unlock public and private resources (e.g. philanthropy and social investment) to achieve improved outcomes for disadvantaged and vulnerable people to live as participating and valued members of society. Phase 1 of ESCF will be funded by a combination of the European Commission and philanthropy. The aim of Phase 1 will be to support a range of robust implementation plans for at least five initiatives that, if implemented, will contribute to meeting or reducing key social challenges at national levels and have the potential for shared learning, application and duplication across borders.

Phase 1 is being supported by the European Commission, the DG for Research and Innovation and a consortium of Genio, the King Baudouin Foundation and Robert Bosch Stiftung.

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