10 May 2019

European Fund for the Balkans

Founded in 2007, the European Fund for the Balkans (EFB) is a joint initiative of European foundations that conceive, implement and support projects aimed at strengthening democracy, promoting European integration and reinforcing the role of South-Eastern Europe in tackling the emerging challenges in Europe. The EFB strives for the continuous “Europeanisation” of politics and practices of Western Balkan countries working towards EU accession and puts a clear focus on training, strategic development and regional cooperation.

During the past ten years, the initiative, for example, worked on creating capacities for 56 think tanks. 115 young government officials and 203 young executives benefited from its training programmes. It supported 120 scientists as well as 35 research groups and their joint projects. The EFB published five books and 70 position papers. It hosted two Balkan festivals, and organised 15 summer schools and academies, 21 road shows, 30 international events, 60 debates and 95 panel discussions. The only TV show to be broadcast across South-Eastern Europe, Okruzenje/Vicinities, continues in its sixth season.

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