27 January 2020

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Tools for Grantmakers

The Ford Foundation has created a toolkit to help funders, organisations and the philanthropic community at large identify and utilise best practices for diversity, inclusion and equity (DEI) related issues.

The toolkit utilises the foundations experiences and case studies to help formulate a guide for grantmaking and draws from four real-life scenarios to help grantmakers and grantees become more adept in establishing processes and policies in their own work. The tools come in the form of three separate guides:

  • Funder’s Guide – The aim of this guide is to help funders build a system of grantmaking based on DEI values.
  • Facilitator’s Guide – This guide is designed to foster discussion and help funders become better equipped to address issues as they arise.
  • Case Studies – In this series, we look at four different challenges faced by our grantees and how our teams worked with them to address them.

View the guides.