16 August 2021

Break the Ice of Prejudice

Break the Ice of Prejudice is an information campaign aimed at dispelling some common myths about charitable foundations and raising awareness about the sector’s activities in Ukraine. The campaign was launched by Zagoriy Foundation, the family foundation established by Glib, Kateryna and Volodymyr Zagoriy.

According to recent statistics, only 7% of Ukrainians donate via charitable foundations owing to mistrust of and myths about the sector. For instance, there is a stereotype that it is better to help someone directly rather than donate to a charitable foundation. Or that charitable foundations exist only for the publicity of their founders. Or that it is not necessary to pay salaries at charitable foundations because people work as volunteers there.

The purpose of the Break the Ice of Prejudice campaign is to challenge such myths and stereotypes as well as to change people’s attitudes towards charitable foundations in Ukraine by presenting facts and statistics on the sector.

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