15 January 2020

AI for Health

AI for Health” is a ITU/WHO Focus Group (FG-AI4H) composed of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning specialists, healthcare practitioners and researchers, regulators, ethicists, and social scientists seeking to develop a framework through which AI solutions for health, diagnosis, triage, or treatment decisions can be tested in a standardised manner.

To achieve this objective, FG-AI4H has topic groups representing various areas of health that could benefit from AI solutions such as cardiovascular disease risk prediction, dermatology, and neurological disorders. The group holds workshops/meetings every two months with participation in the workshops/meetings open to all and free-of-charge. The workshop provides an opportunity to engage with local stakeholders and to learn about local-to-regional health priorities.

The focus group is a collaboration of multiple stakeholders and receives support from many organisations including Fondation Botnar and Fraunhofer.

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